Through ebb and flow we are called home, nature changes, and the individual wriggles free of her collective culture.
In the marchland, I seek to touch that which comes into existence - like a bird that suddenly settles on a hand.
A longing unfolds.
Ethereal, the voice seeks to touch the space that stands without a language.

The last few years the intangible have called me in.
The states that we often shy away from, I have sought to meet,
the uncertainty and willingness to be with, while it unfolds.
Through my background in the performative and therapeutic,
the relationship between the work and the spectator has played a central role in my investigations.
The space between these two poles has my continued attention - to sense, grasp and comprehend what is here, as a witness to a time.
This time. My time. Our time. 


Viola Ellehammer Dasseville

+45 6049 8656

Based in Denmark, currently working in Scotland.

Selected education:

2020-2024   :   BA in Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art

2021-2022   :   Certified as a facilitator in Circling & Surrendered Leadership with Circling Europe.

2018-2022   :   Certifying as a facilitator in 'Systemic Constellations and Family Constellation' at ISFO

A member of: 

Danish Visual Artists (BKF)
Danish Artist Union (DAF)
’Kunstnerforeningen af 18. November’

My works revolve around physical and mental space.
While this site is in transformation on the next page a peak into my notebook - a living edge.

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