All 96 in the big white room at 'Kunstnerforingen af 18. November' at the exhibition in September 2017.

96 hanging in chronological order, from leftside in the top, to the right side in the bottom.

A detail from the voting-book, a visior made a mini version of the one he linked the most.

Why 96?

June the 19th 2017 I made the blue one, just bellow. A mentor said, when I showed him later that same day, make one a day for a period. I was going to exhibit in the fall, and played for a moment with the idea about making one each day till the opening day. It took on inspiration and became one a day eight days a week, and from the starting day till the opening than counted 96. Since I am from 96 it had to be it, so i went into process and made 96 self portraits.

It became an investigation of continuity, artistic process, myself and  the self-portrait as a genre.

PIC ME, pic you - at the exhibition i September 2017

"Onecould reflect, analyze and explain a lot about why something is pic ‘able, andwhy something is not.
I want you to pic.


Set your mark, and the most pic’ able one will becomea pic up at your local cafe."
Was the sound of the curation text, i made a collaboration with Go-Card, and the most piced one became a Go-Card in early 2018. 

NAME ME, name you

So then I had 96 self portraits, one as a print, and what then.
Numbers are not that interesting for a piece so now the process and co-creation of naming has started.
Join in or take a look at all at @96selfportraits, contribute with you, and throw a name at one.

Looking forward to see where the journey take us.

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