Croquis [kroki]

Croquis model - life as a muse

Since 2013 I've been working as a croquis model. Croquis [kroki] is a french word, it means to sketch. Today when we talk about croquis it's drawing after a naked model.

The art is to catch the dynamics of the pose, and expression, often with few lines due to the difference in intervals, from 30 seconds to 20 minuts.

The short postures demands the drawer to focus in a special way, not all details can be captured. The purpose of croquis is to develop the relation between the eye and the hand, as well as to play with expression in a flow where creativity and intuition is dominating.

CROQUIS: the eye and the body

Serie of events in spring/summer 2019 for youngsters.
In collaboration with 'Gentofte Kommune'

Croquis drawing - I do teach

I offer workshops where I teach and pose (or hire a model depending on the event, and number of participants), this I have done since 2016.

What I like to explore is the play in drawing, to get past yourself and to enjoy the sensuous experience it is to draw.

Workshops - a few words from past:

“Viola set the perfect frame for 1.5 hours of immersion. She creates a room where everyone
can participate, with whatever level and experience. If one lacks an input for creativity and play an event with Viola is warmly recommendable. ”

“We had a wonderful day with calm and very instructive teaching by Viola at a private
croquis arrangement. The course gives taste for several strokes and doodles. First you find out that you can be very self-critical, and secondly you realize that you actually can draw! This is not the last time we will draw croquis with Viola! "

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