96 selfportraits - An investigation of continuity, material, artistic process, myself and the self-portrait as a genre.

Exhibited in September 2017 at "Kunstnerforeningen af 18. November" in CPH, under the title "PIC ME, pic you"

"Onecould reflect, analyze and explain a lot about why something is pic ‘able, and why something is not.
I want you to pic.

Set your mark, and the most pic’ able one will become a 'pic up' at your local cafe."
Was the sound of the curation text. I made a collaboration with Go-Card, and the most 'piced' portrait became a Go-Card in early 2018.

Why 96?

June the 19th 2017 I made a selfportrait. A friend suggested - when I showed it to him later that same day - to make one a day for a period. I was going to exhibit in the fall, and played for a moment with the idea about making one each day till the opening day. It took on inspiration and became one a day eight days a week, and from the starting day till the opening than counted 96. Since I am from '96 it had to be it, so i went into process and made 96 self portraits.

Onwards - NAME ME, name you
What then?
A number is not that interesting title for a piece, therefore the process of co-creation has started as an investigation of the difference in titles.

Join in, or take a look, at @96selfportraits.

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