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96 selfportraits

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India relation between life & death

In February 2018 i went to India to dive into the relation between life and death. I have for many years been afraid to loose the ones I love, and after a strong reaction to my beloved grandmoms announcement of her wish for us to come at her birthday, because she did not know how many she had left, I felt it was time to confront my fear and go into process. 

More about this project will be added as it progress - stay tuned, and see bellow!

VEDasseville & Co. in 2017

In June 2017 i got confirmation that I could exhibit in September 2017, at first i thought i was going to make a retrospective exhibition, but soon my curiosity and interest for experimenting had created two big projects.
- 'PiC ME - pic you, '96 self portraits' were i made 96 self portraits doing three months, one a day, eight days a week.
- And a co-creationed artistic exploration of the trem 'Narrefisse' (being a tease).

The exhibit got funded by Snapslanten, and it was an absolute pleasure sharing and reflecting with the visitors.

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