What kind of art?

I am working with many types of material, video, sound, performance, text, music, instalation, dance and anything in between.

‘Controlled  coincidence’ has for many years been the subject of investigation. How to stretch, gain and develop awareness to let something, or someone, interfere and add on to the process or into an artistic research. She has been working with how to create a frame that frees the moment, in terms of creating and transforming material, improvisation, and performance with an openness and aim for the unknown.

- pic me, pic you

- retrospective

- a mix of different projects

- an artistic exploration


How to find home to yourself in the twenty-first century?

In may I will go for a six weeks walk, The way home to oneself - Camino 2019.

"Expectations - my own, probably much worse than others - is not a new thing, but where do you find the time to actually find peace inside yourself. The phone beeps, the education demand is howling, the housing situation threatens, love turns everything upside down, and there is general expectation that you are available, trustful, top tuned, trust worthy and dedicated all the time. 
Where is the time to encounter yourself, and let the things that have become swirled up find rest? How does it feel when it reaches the bottom and clarity lights up?"

India relation between life & death

In February 2018 i went to India to dive into the relation between life and death. I have for many years been afraid to loose the ones I love, and after a strong reaction to my beloved grandmoms announcement of her wish for us to come at her birthday, because she did not know how many she had left, I felt it was time to confront my fear and go into process. 

More about this project will be added as it progress - stay tuned, and see bellow!

India in process

'The bird and the boy' is a rough piece of material from Haridwar, recorded in February 2018.

'Baaltee' means the bucket in Hindi, a part of 'water series' and a piece still in process.

Music by Nikolaj Hess and Sissel Vera Pettersen.

Recorded in February 2018 in Himalaya. 

'Laundry days at the mountain' is a part of 'water series' and a piece still in process.

Music by Nikolaj Hess and Sissel Vera Pettersen.

Recorded in February 2018 in Himalaya. 

VEDasseville & Co. in 2017

In June 2017 i got confirmation that I could exhibit in September 2017, at first i thought i was going to make a retrospective exhibition, but soon my curiosity and interest for experimenting had created two big projects.
- 'PiC ME - pic you, '96 self portraits' were i made 96 self portraits doing three months, one a day, eight days a week.
- And a co-creationed artistic exploration of the trem 'Narrefisse' (being a tease).

The exhibit got funded by Snapslanten, and it was an absolute pleasure sharing and reflecting with the visitors.

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