In 2009 the mantra ”Creation Keeps the Devil Away” came into my world through an internship with the orchestra Hess is More - a lot of creative energy has floated since.

I’m a curious soul exploring my path in in the field of art, acting and facilitation of processes related to being human.

I am currently studying Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art.
In 2018-2021 I am also undertaking education in 'Systemic Constellations and Family Constellation' at ISFO, and in 2021 I am doing Circling & Surrendered Leadership Training with Circling Europe.
I do facilitation of processes in Copenhagen at Relational Spaces, a  space for relational practices and embodied leadership. 

I am a member of Danish Visual Artists (BKF), Danish Artist Union (DAF) and the artist union ’Kunstnerforeningen af 18. November’.

‘Controlled coincidence’ has for many years been the subject of investigation: How to stretch, gain and develop awareness to let something, or someone, interfere and expand the process.
I am exploring how to create frames that free the moment, in terms of developing and transforming material with an openness and aim for the unknown.

As an artist I work with exploring the interface between photography, video, performance, text, sound, interactive pieces, painting and drawing in my own investigations, or in co-collaborative constellations.
As an actress and performer I am currently working freelance and do various projects. 

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