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The way home to oneself - Camino 2019

I did the walk!

And now I'm in process with the outcome, in many ways.

More about it is told in my newly started 'newsletter'; after concluding that I need to take time to truly unfold what treasures the Camino held for me, a mail with stories and reflections seemed like the best way.

Mail with the text 'Gimme that newsletter' and I will send you some good stuff.
For now the project description can be seen bellow:

Photo credit: Andrew Gallery

How does one find home to yourself in the twenty-first century?

Expectations - my own, probably much worse than others - is not a new thing, but where do you find the time to actually find peace inside yourself. Peace with oneself; when the phone beeps, the education demand is howling, the housing situation threatens, love turns everything upside down, and there is general expectation that you are available, trustful, top tuned, trust worthy and dedicated all the time. An expectation, that I am just as much a part of maintaining, as the world around me.
Where is the time to encounter yourself, and let the things that have become swirled up find rest? How does it feel when it reaches the bottom and clarity lights up?

My longing and dream of walking has become more and more present
Now is the time, and on April the 29th – in exactly one month – I’m going for six weeks of walking. The French route across the Pyrenees, through northern Spain, to Santiago de Compostella to end at the Atlantic, also known as the "end of the world". About 900 kilometers Camino.

I will travel with 5-6 kilos on my back, alone and analogue. Phone and everyday life will be left behind, in Denmark.

All pilgrims have their own good reasons, and so do I
I want to reflect on some of life's small and big questions. I'm looking for a confrontation of Camino character; with silence, thoughtfulness and sore feet. And an increased awareness that the things I seek to get answered - or get peace with - can move into my consciousness through the encounter with the people who seek other things, on the same hike.

May the 13th , I turn 23, and although I chosen a different way than other at my age, the pressure that is so often described in the media has not passed my nose.

My wish is to get closer to myself, feel my own strength and ability to move into life, with vulnerability, through fear.
Home to myself.

Inspired by 'Berthelsen på Caminoen' and Mathias Christensen's photo project 'WILD' I will document my trip. Artist and writer Tomas Lagermann Lundme is in this process my mentor, and my camino will end up in a visual and textual tale, that hopefully can inspire and reflect on life in our busy city existence. I bring an analogue camera, simple drawing gear, writing tools and paper and a sound recorder.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to be part of the project in its creation. Be with me in thought on the pilgrimage. The idea is that you can support with what you can; a cup of coffee on the top of a hill, a bit of a flight ticket, film-rolls, notebooks, a bed for the night, a tomato, a hiking-sock or some other expenses associated with a trip of such a character. All contributions big or small are received with gratitude! 

All love, many warm thoughts – and thank you!

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