Exploration of the concept ”Narrefisse”

In August 2017 I went off the grid, to explore the Danish concept “Narrefisse”. I was isolated for three days, investigating in a ‘dogme’ filled setup including words, video, painting, drawings, sound, performance and body art.

The exploration was designed in collaboration with:
Ralph Østrup, Anna Skov, Sandra Elsfort, Emilie Marloth Frøkjær, Jon Stage, Sanne Dasseville, Anders Bigum, Kimmie Tiemroth, Jacob Skyggebjerg, Malene Begtrup and Rasmus Flensborg.

Also thanks to Anders Riis, Malthe Wermuth Saxer, Donna Dasseville, Robert Petersen, Nikolaj Hess, Nis Vinten, Steen Herdel, Niels Wamberg, Ida Skytte, René Georg, Josefine Viktor, Anton Breum & Ida Christoffersen.


How to explain what came out of this process? Rasmus Flensborg made me try a few weeks before the exhibition. 

A GoPro Camera documented the whole three day investigation in the small cabin where it all went on - this is a still from day two.

The wall in the cabin with all the tasks from my co-creators.

The process-book, with all thoughts from the three day investigation, made into a raw window into my mind and the creation of the piece.

The grand masterplan - time and structure . the day was devided into five: WORK, OFF, SLEEP, REFLECTION and VOLUNTARY-WORK

90 minuts of Narrefisse

A piece of the artistic exploration beacme a look into the process, a film from the process.

Here is 3 minut cut out of the 90 minuts - for further information about the whole film please contact me.

The film is edited together with Martin Winther.


Together with Lukas Vanggaard, Hanne Katrine Rasmussen, Rasmus Kjærbo, Ronja, Rosa Dasseville & Carla Bro, Jakob Svarre Juhl, Sandra Elsfort, Cecilie Bielefeldt, Mikkel Emil Lynge Nielsen, Søren Torpegaard Lund and Rasmus Sørensen a soundscape came alive. Some were asked to make an interpretation of a text I wrote on the danish folk song 'Jens Vejmand' other to make op their own thing with a root in the dramtic text I made pre-investigation together with Anna Skov.

This is a three minut preview, for the whole thing tap me on the shoulder.

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