Video Works

The bird and the boy - a rough piece of material

Nature has it's ways, humans do to. A wordless encounter unfolds at the banks of river Ganga, where a human created powerline, way superior to the birds of the sky, didn't fulfil it's promise of death.

Baaltee - Water series - 2018

How does it feel to be laundry. To be tased around.

Investigation filmed in India in 2018.

What I always have

60sec art-video from 2018

I always have a home inside of me. A place where I am the only one to decide who enters, goes and stays. Even though I don't have a home in a traditional way, I carry the potential of retreating to my own making of one inside of me. My heart is my home, home is where the heart is.

How to face your fears?

60sec art-video from 2018

What should you be afraid of. Thats the question. And how to face a fear you don't know the face of. Is your own face the one you fear the most, or.

Et Yndigt Land

Short political video from 2016

Old Lady, Em Hess
Police officers, Lea Hjorth Andersen & Martin Schæffer Hansen
Directed by Anton Breum & Viola Ellehammer Dasseville
Filmed by René Georg Johansen
Assisted by Mikkel Lustrup
"Der er et yndigt land" arranged and played by Jesper Ankarfeldt
Thanks to JacMat Studio
Supported by Snapslanten

Whatever that means for you - it’s for me

Art-film from 2016

Wanting hurts.
Two souls. To worlds. To needs.

Filmed by René Georg 
Music by Nikolaj Hess
Starring Coco
Produced by Viola Ellehammer Dasseville


Alternative 'home-looking' video from 2017

#home  #looking #apartment #copenhagen #help  #alternative #blackhumor? #creationkeepsthedevilaway


Music video for 3xHess from 2014

Filmed and produced in New York.
From the album 'Music for Mum and Dad' released at Gateway DK in 2014.


Music video for SBED from 2014

Filmed and produced in New York.
From the EP "MTSP" 

Selection of work for others

SPACE aka a Jazzfestival program

Music by Nikolaj Hess & Carlos Guedes
(sneak-listen from Chess duo rough mixes).
Drone operated by Christian Grüner.
Directed and edited by Viola Ellehammer Dasseville.
Recorded and produced for Nikolaj Hess in 2019.

All rights reserved - Hess Music 2019

Underwater Evolution 

Directed and produced for Nikolaj Hess in 2018.

A different kind of Jazzfestival program.

All rights reserved - Hess Music 2018

Teaser for Jazzfestival 2018

Directed and produced in 2018, for Nikolaj Hess.

This is not a piano 

Alternative festival program for 2017

Jazzfestival 2017
Produced for Hess Music 2017 
Directed by Viola Ellehammer Dasseville

Upside down - Nikolaj Hess

Directed and produced in 2016.

A different kind of Jazzfestival program.

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